The Iowa Department of Education will provide you with copies of your GED diploma and transcripts for a small fee. If all you need is official proof that you have successfully completed your GED exam, the department will provide a verification letter at no charge. Your GED records will come in handy if you plan to enroll in college, apply for scholarships or seek employment. You can obtain these records by submitting a request form to the Iowa Department of Education's Office of Administrative Services.

Call the Iowa Department of Education's Office of Administrative Services at 515-281-7308. You need to do this so that a records specialist can verify if your GED records are on file. If the specialist confirms that they are, you can then download a request form. If your records aren't on file, the specialist will tell you what you need to do.

Download the Request for GED Documents Form. If you are unable to print out a copy of this form, call the Office of Administrative Services at 515-281-7308.

Fill out the form completely. Indicate whether you need a diploma, a transcript or a verification letter, and provide the following information: the name printed on your diploma (and your current name if different); the date the diploma was issued; the diploma number; and your social security number, date of birth, address (and mailing address if different). If you prefer to receive your GED records by fax, indicate that on the form and include your fax number. Sign and date the form.

Obtain a $5 money order or cashier's check made payable to "Iowa Department of Education." This is the fee, as of March 2010, for a copy of your diploma or transcript; a verification letter is available at no charge.

Mail your request form, along with your check or money order, to

Iowa Department of Education Attn GED Records Specialist Office of Administrative Services 400 East 14th Street Grimes State Office Building Des Moines, IA 50319-0146


According to the Office of Administrative Services, if you took your GED exam through a community college, the college should be able to provide you with a copy of your GED records, for a lower fee.

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