The GED test or General Equivalency Diploma test (sometimes called the General Educational Development test) is offered throughout the United States as a substitute for a high school diploma. One might seek the GED if she did not attain a high school diploma, but needs the equivalent of a high school education to pursue either employment or higher education. To pass the GED test, nationally, examinees must score higher than 60 percent of high school seniors. Once the GED test is passed and the certificate obtained, it is always a good idea to keep copies of your scores on hand for future job or college applications. While each state has its own center for processing GED records, the California process is fairly standard.

Getting Copies of Your GED in California

Collect the following important information: full name of test-taker, date of birth, Social Security number, date (or approximate date) of GED exam, name of the center where the exam was taken and county where the exam was taken. You will also need a current mailing address in order to receive your paperwork.

Write out your request. State that you need an official copy of your GED record. Requests can be typed or handwritten, but they must include all of the information listed above and have a valid signature at the bottom. The signature cannot be photocopied, so it is advised that you sign in blue or another color other than black.

Take out a money order for $7 to ETS (Education Testing Services). Do not send cash or a personal check. This fee is to cover each copy of your GED that is desired. If you wish to obtain more than one official copy, multiply the number of copies you desire by seven and obtain a money order for that amount.

Mail in your signed request and the money order. You will send these two documents to:

ETS-GED Records Center P. O. Box 4005 Concord, CA 94524-4005

Allow up to six-weeks for processing.


In order to expedite this process, make sure all of your documentation is correct before mailing your request. If you have questions, call toll-free: 866-370-4740

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