If you have lost your GED certificate or need a replacement certificate or transcript for any reason, it’s actually not very difficult to do. Unfortunately, there is no standardized process for ordering a replacement GED certificate/diploma or transcript. Each state has its own procedures, and they vary widely. In some states, copies of GED documents are provided by the agency or organization where you took your GED test. This may make finding the right office or agency to contact somewhat challenging, but once you do the rest is easy.

Contact the organization that administered your GED test (for example, an adult education program at a high school or vocational school). In some cases, the organization will be able to replace a lost GED certificate. If not, someone there will be able to refer you to the agency that can. If you don’t know how to contact the organization that administered your test, get in touch with your state Department of Education (a link to the U.S. Department of Education list of state-level agencies is below).

Obtain an order form to replace a lost GED certificate. In some states, this is simple. All you have to do is download a form from an agency website. A link to the form used in the state of Florida is provided below as an example. In other states, you may have to request a paper form through the mail or by phone or simply write a letter yourself requesting a replacement copy of your GED certificate.

Provide all the requested information either on the form or in a letter. You should give your full name, your date of birth and your Social Security number. State your name at the time of the test if it was different as well as the location and year of the test. Don’t forget to include your mailing address and your phone number. Most of the time, there will be a small processing fee payable by certified check or money order and you must include a self-addressed stamped envelope large enough for the certificate to lay flat (10 by 13 inches is usually large enough). Mail the form or letter to the indicated address, and your replacement GED will be sent to you.


If you are really running into trouble finding out where to order a GED certificate diploma or transcript, try calling local organizations that provide GED classes and/or testing. Be persistent and eventually someone will know where to refer you. To avoid future hassles, keep a record of where you obtain your replacement documents. You may want to go ahead and order an extra copy just in case and keep it in a safe deposit box or other secure location.

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