The General Educational Development Test consists of a series of five exams that covers mathematics; language arts, reading; language arts, writing; science; and social studies. Once you receive a passing score in each content area, you are awarded a GED certificate, which is equivalent to a high school diploma. If you took all of the exams and want to find out whether a GED certificate was issued, you can request your scores and a copy of your certificate by phone, by mail, in person or on the Web.

Contacting the Testing Center

You can contact the official testing center where you took the GED exam by phone, by mail or in person to inquire about your scores and certificate. Once you obtain your test scores from the center, look over your scores to see whether you received the minimum score of 410 per section and 2,250 for the overall score. Keep in mind that each state has its own score requirements, and the score requirement per section may be slightly higher or lower than 410. Ask the testing center what the requirements are in your state to be sure. If you meet those requirements, a certificate should have been issued and sent to you. If you haven’t received it, request another certificate.

Inquiring by Phone

If you live in California, Connecticut, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Newfoundland, New Jersey, Oregon, Saskatchewan, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia or Wyoming and have not received your GED certificate, you can get answers to your questions by phone. Call 1-877-EXAM-GED (392-6433) to check on the status of your certificate and request a copy if you received a passing score in each content area and the overall exam. For all other states, check the GED Testing Service website for the Testing Administrator, where there is detailed contact information, including direct phone numbers, to request your information.

Inquiring Online

If you are a Kansas resident or an international test taker, the official GED Testing Service website states that you can request a copy of your transcript or certificate online at You will be able to view your exam scores and documents through this website, as well as purchase a copy of the certificate or send a copy to other businesses or people, if needed. This can come in handy when you are applying for jobs or colleges that require verification of your GED certificate.

Other Test Takers

Overseas, correctional facility and military test takers must follow certain protocols when it comes to verifying whether a certificate was issued. If you tested in a correctional facility, direct your questions to the center where you tested, and they will be able to help you there. Military personnel can contact, the testing center where they tested or the education department on their military base for further instructions. Test takers can also refer to the GED Testing Administrator on the website for more detailed contact information for their specific state, country, territory or situation.

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