When you apply for jobs, trade schools or universities, often you'll be asked for a copy of your GED transcript if you took that test. Some jobs require proof of a GED diploma before hiring an applicant and schools need the proof to place you in classes. If you misplace your transcript, you'll have to pay for another one. Luckily, transcripts are usually located at testing centers or can be found by contacting your state's department of education.

Contact the testing center where you originally took the test. The centers keep test transcripts on file. Some transcript centers charge a fee, so be prepared to send a check or money order or to visit the testing center in person with the fee. The fee varies by center. If you don't remember the name of your testing center, you can use the "Find A Testing Center" on the American Council on Education's website to narrow down the list to testing centers in the area where you took the test.

Contact the American Council on Education if you took the test as a military member or while in prison in Michigan. ACE has these records on file. You can fill out a request on the ACE website. You must enclose a $14 money order (as of 2011) with your request.

Contact the Department of Education in your state if you can't locate the testing center. The Department of Education in most states has a form to request a copy of the GED on the department's website. Call the department if you can't find the information on the website. Fill out the form requesting a copy of your GED. The form will ask for your name, the date you took the test and where you took the test. Sign the form to give the state permission to release the information to you. Enclose a money order for any fees and mail the package to the department.

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