Obtaining a GED transcript in the state of Tennessee requires only a few materials and steps. The individual who is attempting to obtain the transcript must have taken the test in the past, and must also be able to sign paperwork. The test results may be sent through the mail or picked up at the original test location.

Contact the institution where the test was originally completed. If the transcripts are unavailable there, gather the paperwork used for obtaining GED transcripts from the State of Tennessee. Visit the local state offices or go to the state website, state.tn.us.

Fill out the paperwork to request the transcripts. If the transcripts are to be used for entrance into a college, the college must receive the transcripts in a sealed envelope directly from the State of Tennessee. For transcripts intended for colleges, fill out the section labeled, "Please print name and address to which GED documents should be mailed" with the college address.

Sign the form, and then send it to the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Division of Adult Education/GED Office, 220 French Landing Drive, Nashville, TN 37243-1002. The form may also be faxed to 615-532-4899. There is no charge for GED transcripts, and there is no need to supply a stamped envelope.

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