In some cases, your potential employer or the school you want to attend might require a copy of your General Education Development (GED) test scores. You could have misplaced the information, and locating your GED test scores might be the determining factor of whether you get the job you want or attend the school of your choice.

Step 1

Determine the type of institution where you took the GED test. For instance, if you took the test at a correctional institution, job corps or while stationed or enlisted in the military instead of an educational institution, you will have to contact the American Council on Education. Generally there is a $14 fee to obtain the transcript.

Step 2

Prepare two forms of ID and a current utility bill. Your GED is an important document that can also be used by a criminal to steal your identity. Therefore, you need to present two forms of ID will allow you to prove your identity when requesting your GED transcript information.

Step 3

Contact the location where you took your test and follow their procedures for having the transcript sent. They might require you to fax or mail a copy of your identification before they will send the transcripts.

Step 4

Be prepared to have to pay for a copy of your transcript. The price can be as low as $5 to over $14. Often the testing center may require the payment to be made by money order, cashiers check or personal check.


If you are applying for a university or military program, they might want all official copies of your transcript. This means that once you receive a copy of your transcript, it cannot be opened. Usually the testing center will stamp the sealed envelope to show that it was not opened.


Make copies of your scores in the event that you want to use it as an unofficial transcript if you later choose to change employers or schools.

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