When you take the GED test, you provide the testing service with your contact information. The service uses this information to send your scores to you once the results are available. If you want to review your scores online, you can request a transcript through the testing service. The requirements for this transcript vary from state to state, so confirm where you took your test before you try to log in.

Provider Websites

To retrieve your test scores, you'll need to sign up for the website of your test provider. The GED Testing service provides a directory of the providers for each state. To sign up or log in, you'll need your name, contact information -- and sometimes a Social Security number -- and the access code that identifies you as the individual who took the GED. This number will have been given to you either when you registered for the test or took it. Logging into these sites will allow you to review your test scores and download transcripts. For instance, on the website of testing service NRS Pro, you can find a breakdown of your scores under the "My Scores" tab, and view an official transcript under the "My Transcript" tab.

Requesting Missing Information

If you do not have access to your test ID number, use the provider's contact information to request the number. Your provider may give you instructions for retrieving this information via email, by phone or in a letter. For instance, New Jersey requires a signed letter of request with your name, Social Security number and contact information.

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