In today’s digital age, you can obtain a copy of a high school diploma in significantly less time than a postal mail request would require. School districts nationwide have their own websites providing staff directories and other contact information necessary for obtaining copies of high school diplomas. Some states, such as Tennessee, process requests for duplicate diplomas through the state department of education. The school district from which you are requesting a copy of your diploma will inform you if you need to contact the state rather than the local school district.

Access the Website

Access the website of the school district from which you graduated. If you don't know the website of the school district, your state's official website lists school districts with contact information. Online nationwide school district directories are available.

Search for Information

Browse the website, starting with an index or site map, to look for information about obtaining a copy of your high school diploma. Some districts have a downloadable, printable form for you to complete and mail to a provided address. If there is no such information or form on the website, continue to the next step. According to the Diploma Company, your district may require a copy of your high school transcripts before they release a copy of your diploma so that it can check your attendance background and verify you went to the high school.

Find Contact Information

Find the contact information for the superintendent’s office. Copy and paste the email for the superintendent or assistant superintendent into a new email in your email service. Type “Request for Copy of High School Diploma Graduation Year __” in the subject field.

Address Email

Address your email to the superintendent or assistant superintendent. Provide the name on the diploma, name of the high school, city and county of the high school, month and year of graduation as well as your name, mailing address and telephone number. Next, send the email to the chosen address.

Wait for Further Instructions

Wait for a representative from the superintendent’s office to contact you with further instructions. There is usually a fee for replacing diplomas. If your state processes duplicate diplomas through a central office with the state’s department of education, the superintendent’s office will give you instructions on how to proceed. Some states will only process written applications that you mail to them along with the form and fee. States, such as Tennessee, require a money order, but many school districts are digitally advanced and will process your request with an online credit card payment. Depending on the school district or state processing the request for a copy of your high school diploma, the copy may take up to six weeks to arrive in the mail.

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