Running for the student council is a rewarding experience whether you win or not. Preparing for the campaign can be nerve racking. Speeches need to be written and rehearsed, and slogans and logos need to be created for posters along with other marketing endeavors.

The student council is the backbone of the establishment. The secretary of the student council organizes the official records of the student council, and this position is rich with opportunities. If you’ve written a book report or contributed to a debate, then you already have the basics to create a winning speech and campaign posters.

What the School Secretary Does

To mine for ideas for school secretary posters, consider all that the position entails. One of the most important positions on the student council is the secretary. The secretary records the meetings by taking notes and possibly creating an audio recording.

They are responsible for handling all appointments and scheduling for the student council. They know the inner workings of each meeting and event since they handle the correspondence sent out from the student council and received by the cabinet.

Characteristics of a School Secretary

A good school secretary has a few inherent qualities that make for a good candidate for the position. These are:

  • Legible handwriting
  • Basic computer skills with spreadsheet experience a plus
  • Highly organized
  • Detail oriented

These are good points to wind through your speech and point out in your posters as the campaign unfurls.

Points to Consider for Your Message

Your poster should have a main message. This should be centered around your strengths and talents and tailored to this position. Don’t be too broad in your message.

Consider your audience and what part of the school population will more than likely vote for you, and think about those who may not be swayed by a simple handshake or poster. What would be the main reason that they would vote for you? What would move them to put you in that position, and how can you help them by being a part of the student council?

Create a Logo and Slogan

A logo and slogan quickly make you recognizable to the student body as you campaign. It also gives your campaign a level of authority. The logo should be crisp and the slogan succinct.

A good slogan carries a concise message that communicates what you stand for and what you bring to the council. A logo and slogan can carry over from the poster to other important election materials, such as:

  • Brochures
  • Buttons
  • Banners
  • Flyers
  • T-shirts
  • Flags
  • Social media pages

Campaign Speech for Secretary

A good campaign speech has a few vital factors:

  • A humorous or moving introduction

  • The simple statement message in the first few moments of the speech that is connected to a core theme

  • Repetitive theme that returns the audience to the main message

  • A final message that brings the ideas home

Aside from basic information, a campaign speech needs to have considerable strength in its verbiage and consistency in its tone. Practice the campaign speech until you feel comfortable and confident. You may feel nervous when giving the speech, but if you know it well, you can lean on your speech to guide you through your uneasiness.

Secretary Speech Ideas

Coming up with unique angles for your speech for a secretary in school can be a challenge. Ideas for speeches include:

  • Looking at the latest issues that the student body has faced and how you can assist in creating solutions.

  • Examples of problem solving you have done while working for a community organization, charity, church or in your after-school employment.

  • Consider any roles you have had in other school programs, such as on the school newspaper, dance planning committee, national honor society or other leadership role.

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