High school sports posters offer a way for any person -- whether a student, parent or visiting friend -- to get involved in sporting events and show school spirit. The posters encourage creativity and unique design, so you can stand out from the crowd at your school's sporting events. By creating a poster for the team you are cheering on, you bring an atmosphere of school pride to the stands at every game.

Keep the Support Positive and Classy

You may be tempted to include obscene language or images on your high school sports poster. However, doing so can negatively influence the image of your team or school and cause significant repercussions. Stick to positive, encouraging and uplifting sayings on high school sports posters. For example, choose to include your school's motto, "GO TEAM!" or other uplifting cheers instead of vulgar terms or images. This decision ensures that your school's reputation is upheld.

Support All High School Sports

Some high school sports, such as football and basketball, often receive all of the attention from students making sports posters. Instead of only making posters for certain sports, consider making posters for each individual sport. The Oak Harbor Cheer Squad in Oak Harbor, Wash., makes Paper People posters. Each of these posters is dedicated to a particular school sport and contains images and captions related to the specific sport. Hang these posters in the cafeteria to increase school spirit and pride for each individual sport at your school.

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Poster Contests for the Fans

If your high school sports fan base doesn't typically make posters to support the teams, consider holding a poster contest in which fans design a poster before the game and bring it to the game. Then, after the game is over, hold a contest for which poster has the most school pride. This contest helps get the student body and community excited about making posters to support your high school's sports teams.

Personalized Posters for Individual Players

Instead of making just one poster for the entire team, consider making individual posters for each member of the team. Personalized posters work better for teams without many players, such as in baseball, volleyball or basketball. Make sure that you create a poster in honor of each member of the team to give every player an extra boost of confidence. Include pictures of the player, the player's name and an important quote or phrase that the player knows and loves.

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