With all of the technology in our hands and ears, a poster can seem like a quaint and simple way to communicate a message. However, sports posters for schools can be an effective way to cut through all the noise and convey your message to your target audience with impressive results. There are many creative poster ideas for sports and a few factors to consider before putting paint or pen to poster board.

What Do You Want to Say?

A blank piece of poster board may seem like a large, daunting space to have to fill. However, the real estate on the poster board shrinks when you consider all you need to communicate to the students who will pass the poster every day that it is up on the wall. Consider what absolutely needs to be on the poster, including:

  • Date

  • Time

  • Place and any directions that may be needed if it is an unusual location

  • Price or fees

  • Eligibility requirements to attend, if any

  • Official name of the event or team name

  • What will be included at the event, such as food trucks, face painting or any extra entertainment

  • Contact information such as the school website, Instagram, Twitter or other social media information

Slogans and Art and Such

A solid slogan, sharp art and graphics pull your poster together and should pack a memorable punch to the audience. Together, they are used to begin the process for any sports poster design templates that you will use before coming to a final draft.

  • Slogan

    Create a catchy slogan to dominate the poster and grab the attention of the passerby. This short phrase should be concise and should summarize the event and evoke emotion that is associated with your school team and school spirit.

    Art – Choose clean images that aren’t too busy and that don't distract from the main idea of the poster. You don’t want a poster to be cluttered with art.

    Graphics – A crisp font that stands out amidst the graphics and photos will bring the message conveyed in your slogan home to your audience. It needs to be easy to read so that the date, time, place and other vital information are easy to read.

What Makes an Effective Poster?

Motion makes for an effective poster that can move the viewer. Show strength and power through movement with your art and graphics.

Many posters depend on photography as the art aspect of the design. Choose photos that are not too busy with images that relate to the main idea. Blur out the background if needed or otherwise cut and highlight the main subject of the photo.

Sports Poster Design Templates

How you arrange the information on your sports posters for schools is important. Break the poster down into quadrants that meet in the middle. The middle is your target. You can also create a bullseye formation with your art and graphics so that the eye is drawn to the center of the poster.

Creative poster ideas for sports have a strong message as the main idea. Create a positive message as the center point of the poster and build images around that slogan or paragraph.

Show the Whole Picture

A school has a diverse student body. Include photos that offer a good representation of the array of players.

If you have a sport that includes women, make sure they are represented in the poster. For instance, if the poster is for all basketball sign ups, make sure that more than one type of player is represented.

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