When you participate in 4-H, you will occasionally need to create posters to advertise fundraising for your club or a charity event your 4-H club is supporting, or for bake sales or car washes. Another good use for a 4-H poster is for a project display at the fair or 4-H function. When the 4-H poster is for a project that will be judged, the style of the poster is all the more important. In order to make your posters effective, you will need to attract attention and get the message of the poster across. Fortunately, there are many ideas for 4-H posters to make this possible.


The size of the poster can help make it effective. A poster that is 22 by 28 inches is an effective size on which to put your message. Hang the poster horizontally and secure by attaching it with glue to a stiff surface.


Keep the message of the poster simple. When you are creating a 4-H poster, you need to make it uncluttered so that the eye of the reader sees what you are attempting to display and is not confused by too much information. Make sure that the 4-H clover leaf is displayed prominently on the poster so that people know to what organization you belong. Include the name of your 4-H Club as well.


Make the poster eye-catching. Once you have the reader's attention, the style can help draw the person in and inspire the reader to follow the action asked for in the poster. Use alliterative words, or words that sound the same. Write as neatly as you can. Keep the poster uncluttered. If you keep some white areas in the poster, it helps to keep the message clear.

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