Being elected senior class president is an honor and accomplishment for a high school student. But with the honor also comes responsibility. A senior class president is more than the voice of students to administrators and school faculty or the representative for the school at community events. A senior class president has a host of other duties and responsibilities, too.

Class Meetings

A senior class president is responsible for gathering the senior class together for meetings throughout the year. Some schools require the president to hold a specific number of meetings per semester. The president must provide an agenda of the meeting for school administrators, along with a summary of information covered in the meeting. Students can voice their opinions and concerns during these school meetings and the president may address the students, as well.

Organizing Events

The senior class president is responsible for overseeing and organizing extracurricular activities for the student body. These events and activities include formal dances, including the prom, a senior trip and the graduation ceremony. The president may work with other school officers and committee leaders to organizes these events. The president is also often given the choice of whether she wants to serve as master of ceremonies for graduation.

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Some schools require the senior class president to oversee a fundraising event for the school. The president consults with students, school faculty and committees to decide on the best method of fundraising and oversees the execution of the plan. The school often will have a goal that needs to be met, and it is the president's responsibility to decide the most effective way to achieve that goal.

Other Senior Class President Duties

The senior class president is responsible for being a positive role model for the entire student body. Being a good role model means behaving in a positive way, excelling academically and being socially responsible while in and out of school. A president may also be responsible for contributing a regular article to the school newspaper or newsletter. The president may also be required to meet with the principal and other school administrators on a regular basis to address issues facing the senior class.

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