Serving as the senior class president is a prestigious honor. After all, your classmates chose you to serve as their role model and a leader. Senior class president duties are varied but are primarily focused on the best interests of the senior class. You’ll need to be prepared to coordinate with other student leadership and the administration as you plan events for the year.

Senior Class President Speech

Expect to give a class president speech several times during your term. This position requires that you speak to the entire class about special activities, goals and even problems that need to be resolved.

Visibility is key as a leader of the class. Your classmates are your constituents, and they need to know that you’re there for them. If you lead by example, you’ll be remembered as an outstanding role model for others.

Guide Goal Setting for the Student Class

Get ready to share senior class president ideas with the students that serve on your student council. If you begin the year by setting goals, you’re more likely to make a positive impact during your time in office. Be collaborative and encourage participation in the goal-setting process, and you’ll build a strong student following that will ensure a successful year.

Run the Meetings

Presiding over meetings is one of the important class president duties that you’ll encounter in your role. In addition to setting the agenda for class meetings, you’ll also need to be prepared to keep the meeting on task. You may need to learn parliamentary procedure or determine the ground rules for shared governance. It’s important to keep the meetings fun and help your classmates feel that their opinions are valued.

Communicate With Administration

As the senior class president, you’ll be the main contact for administration about class issues. You can expect to have regular meetings with your adviser and even the principal.

If your class has concerns, you’ll be the main leader who will bring forth new ideas or problems that need to be solved. Similarly, if the administration needs your help with an incident that happens at the school, you’ll need to be ready to talk to your class to help with a resolution.

Serve as a Role Model

Serving as a model student and leader is one of the most important class president duties in your position description. In addition to being involved, you’ll need to maintain a solid academic performance and follow the rules. Your class will look to you as a role model and someone whom they can count on to be a leader.

Facilitate and Encourage Student Involvement

Be ready to bring senior class president ideas to the table that will encourage students to be involved in extracurricular activities. You’ll have the opportunity to propose activities and social events and even help make them happen. Attending events, performances and athletic contests will show your support for other students and inspire student engagement.

Create Committees for Special Initiatives

Be ready to learn how to delegate leadership responsibilities to other students. When your class thinks of new programs, you’ll need to figure out how to make them happen. You may start off the year with established committees, or you can create pop-up committees when new ideas are brought to the table.

Advantages of Serving as the Senior Class President

In addition to adding to your extracurricular resume, you’ll learn a lot about leadership as the senior class president. Working with teachers and administrators will help you build communication skills and gain valuable contacts for the future. You’ll also learn about public speaking when you give your class president speech.

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