If your school does not have its own magazine, founding one can be an excellent opportunity to show off your leadership skills, as well as acquire new literary and journalistic skills. Starting a school magazine is also an excellent way to get other students involved with journalism and creative writing and to generate school pride. Starting a magazine from scratch can be a tough job, but the end results can be worth your while if you stick to it.

Step 1

Consult with an adviser, preferably one who is also an English or journalism teacher, for advice and support. Your adviser can help with details that most students wouldn't be able to handle on their own, such as requesting funds for the magazine.

Step 2

Create a new name for the school magazine. Remember to make it catchy and pleasing to the eyes and ears. Steer clear of names that may sound awkward or offensive to others.

Step 3

Set up a working space for managing the school magazine. A computer lab is ideal for this task, as you will need access to computers with desktop publishing software.

Step 4

Assemble a staff of interested students to help create and edit the school magazine. Have everyone understand their role and responsibilities as staff members of the magazine. In most cases, you may hold elections for staff leadership positions.

Step 5

Start out small and avoid making fast growth a priority. Promote student body involvement in the magazine by asking for submissions to the magazine. Make sure the editors screen and assess the submissions according to the guidelines set by the staff. Have the staff members cover class news, school news and community news.

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