Funny is not always easily achieved. Writing and giving a funny student council speech takes creative material and good timing in the presentation. Giving a funny speech by using the deadpan, serious face is a good way to start. The type of humor you use should be age-appropriate to the audience. Finding something that they may relate to, so they feel as though they are laughing at themselves, is ideal. Know your audience, and you will know what to say and how to say it in order to give a funny student council speech.

Embarrassing Moments

Tell a story about something that was truly embarrassing, using pauses, in a somewhat logical order so that it will make sense. Remember the time you forgot something and you really needed it for the trip, or class, or camping vacation in the deep Congo? Man, that was embarrassing. Tell that story.

Student Council Platform

Wear huge platform shoes and give the student council a funny concept as to what your platform would be if you were elected president. Dress up as Mr. Brady and wear an afro wig, nice business suit and a pair of platforms. Give your campaign speech based on a statement such as, "If I were elected president, all students would have free access to indoor plumbing." Use a platform that is already a policy, giving it a twist to it to make it sound rather compelling.

A Funny Thing Happened ...

Begin with an apology and be sincere about it. Then say, "But a funny thing happened on the way to the student council meeting." Maintain a real innocence about your presentation, as if you are truly the victim in the story, but make it obvious that you are also the perpetrator. For example, your clumsy manner caused a chain reaction as you knocked someone off a ladder quite innocently and then as you spun around to respond to the screams, you knocked over a fruit stand on the sidewalk.

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