Your campaign to win the title of school captain should be heightened by a convincing speech. Whether you plan to rally for longer lunch breaks or better school lunch, the speech you give needs to arouse your peers and inspire them to vote for you. By tapping into what students want the most, you can win them over using the power of words.

Start by introducing yourself to the audience. Regardless of how popular you are amongst other students, the formal introduction will encourage them to take you seriously. The introductory paragraph should be brief yet you should use the opportunity to show some personality.

Make your goals clear to the student body by drafting a paragraph dedicated to what you'd like to achieve. It's important to do this without promising things that you can't deliver. Keep in mind that if elected, you'll be help accountable for all the things you mention.

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Write out your plan for achieving the goals that you've laid out. Without a concrete plan, which might include starting a petition to send to the school board or volunteering for an hour after school, students might not believe in your ability to carry out the school captain duties.

Close out your speech with a brief, memorable story that lets your peers know what the school captain title means to you. Include your campaign slogan in this section so that children have something to remember you by.

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