Whether your goal is to increase enrollment or attract your community's attention for school fund-raising activities, most schools at some point have to come up with advertising ideas to attract future students or raise funds for extracurricular programs. Developing a winning advertising campaign for your your school's purposes need not be costly or difficult but will require some forethought and planning.

Business Involvement

Gaining the support of businesses in your area can be a useful way to achieve your school's fund-raising goals. You may also get the permission of a local business to allow you to place an advertisement for your school on its premises. Another avenue to consider is to enlist businesses as sponsors for your school. Businesses that sponsor school extracurricular activities in their communities know that such support will engender them to parents and community in general, so it can be a win-win opportunity for schools and businesses.

Purchasing Ad Space

An extremely effective method of highlighting your school to potential students (or their parents) is to develop ads for publication in magazines, newspapers and online. It is important to focus your ad's message to those parents who are most likely to be seeking the type of program your school offers. For example, if your school excels in offering extracurricular activities for its students in the arts, highlighting this fact can be an important factor for parents when deciding between schools to send their children. The same can approach can be effective for private colleges attempting to create ads that set them apart from their competitors.

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Enlisting a Spokesperson

Hiring a spokesperson, preferably an educator or former successful alumni of your school, to showcase the benefits of the school's programs and learning environment is an idea that can create a sense of confidence in parents who are looking for a school to enroll their child. Your spokesperson can be a central figure in efforts undertaken to promote your school at events as well as throughout your entire marketing campaign from print ads to commercials on TV and online. A spokesperson can also be utilized for fund-raising activities and can become a recognizable face in the eyes of the public helping to create a "brand" type feel for your school.

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