If you need to know your PSAT score but can’t find your score report, don’t despair. Depending on how long it’s been since you took the test, you probably can still locate your score. The test is commonly known as the PSAT but its official name is actually the PSAT/NMSQT, which stands for Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. High schools administer the test each year in October to juniors and sophomores -- and sometimes younger students -- who elect to take it.

Score Report Sent to Schools

In early December, student score reports are mailed to all high schools that administered the PSAT in October. The school receives two copies of each student’s score report; one copy is given to the student and the other is kept on file at the school. Homeschooled students’ scores are mailed directly to their home address. So, if you were a student in a public or private school when you took the PSAT, your high school should have a copy of your score.

Online Score Reports

Your PSAT scores are also available online. At the College Board website, students who take the PSAT have free access to their scores as part of the personalized college planning program called My College QuickStart. To retrieve your scores online, you’ll need the access code from your paper score report. If you don’t have the paper score report, the high school where you took the test may be able to give you the access code. However, for identification purposes, you may have to go to the school in person to get it.


The laws that govern how long schools must keep your records after you are no longer a student vary from state to state and actual practices differ even among school districts within the same state. Chances are good your high school still has the records that contain your PSAT scores, especially if your last enrollment was fairly recent. A phone call to the central office at the high school or to the guidance counselor’s office is the quickest way to find out if your records are still on file.

About Your Scores

Your PSAT score is a good indicator of how well prepared you are for college-level work, but it is not used as part of the criteria for admission. Your score is not included on the official transcript your high school sends to colleges unless your parent or guardian gives permission for the school to do so. You can grant permission if you are age 18 or older.

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