The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is one of the most well respected English language tests in the world. The TOEFL measures your English language proficiency at the university level by testing listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. Once you have taken the TOEFL, you can fill out a score request form to report your score to the universities of your choice.

Step 1

Select the universities you would like to report your scores to when you register. On your TOEFL registration form, you will have the option of sending up to four official score reports that the Educational Testing Service (ETS) will send directly.

Step 2

Download the score report request form (PDF document) from the ETS website to send your report to additional universities or if you forgot to list universities when you registered for the exam. See the Resource section.

Step 3

Fill out your personal information on the score request form. The required fields include your registration number, name, date of birth and address.

Step 4

Go to the ETS website, and check the list of universities that accept TOEFL scores. Find the names, addresses and institution codes of the universities to which you wish to report your scores. Fill out the information in the appropriate space on the request form. See the Resource section.

Step 5

Pay the fee. You need to fill out your credit card information on the request form based on the number of additional score reports you are sending. You may also send a check or money order payable to "ETS-TOEFL iBT" with your registration number written on the check.

Step 6

Sign and date the form. This is required for ETS to receive authorization to release your TOEFL scores to universities.

Step 7

Fax your form to 1-609-771-7500. You also may mail it to: ETS-TOEFL iBT PO Box 6152, Princeton, NJ 08541


If you are planning to study at the undergraduate level, the "department name" section on the TOEFL request form will be left blank. If you are studying at the graduate level, you will need to find the department code on the TOEFL website and fill it in the appropriate space. Write "99" for the code if the department is not listed.


Reporting TOEFL scores cost $17 per institution as of December 2010. Failure to pay the appropriate fee will prevent your scores from being sent. Do not send cash.


Reports will be mailed two weeks after the score request has been received by ETS.

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