Years after you’ve received your fresh copy of your GRE score, you may find you need it to further your career, training or schooling. The Graduate Record Examination not only grants a student into undergraduate school, but it can also be used to gain acceptance to master’s degree programs or for potential employment.

There are a few online avenues to get a copy of your GRE score if it was completed less than five years ago. You may also contact your former university or school for your old GRE scores. This can take some time – possibly two weeks to a month.

Why Keep Copies of GRE Scores

If you did well on your original GRE test, such as above the 85th percentile, you may want to keep an original copy of the test scores on hand for future requests from employers or universities. The grades are typically kept for a limited amount of time, so don’t wait too long before requesting your GRE scores to have on hand.

Request GRE Test Scores

A GRE score report can be found either at your former university or through the Educational Testing Service. If you aren’t sure about where to start, the ETS is a good resource. To request GRE scores, start by creating an account on the ETS website.

They will charge around $27 to send a copy of your GRE scores to your address or to the university or employer that is requesting a copy. Test scores can take five to 10 business days when they are mailed or sent online through ETS.

Old GRE scores are typically only good to get from ETS for five years from the period in which you took the test. If you took your test more than five years ago, ETS may not work for you. Instead, contact your former alma mater or the institution to which you originally used your GRE to apply.

Why You May Need Your GRE

If you are applying for a master’s degree or a second master’s degree, you may use old GRE scores. Depending on the college, your former GRE test scores can help you to gain acceptance without having to retake the GRE or other standardized test.

GRE test scores are important because they show your grasp of the knowledge you learned, analytical skills and proof that you passed this standardized test. Employers may ask for a copy to verify that you completed and passed the test. Your score may impact your job application and push you to the top of the pile. It may also affect your potential salary depending on the industry and employer.

Applying for a Master’s Degree With Old GRE Scores

Most doctoral degree schools or master’s degree programs require a student to submit original copes of the scores for the GRE, including verbal, analytical and quantitative. This can be done via an approved online institution or with copies you obtained via your school or copies you have in your personal records.

Check with the admissions office about whether they will accept a photocopy of your GRE scores. They may only accept them from the ETS.

What to Know When You Request GRE Scores

The cost for retrieving your test scores can range from nothing to around $30. It depends on what service you choose or how quickly you need to get your hands on the important paperwork.

Be prepared to wait once you’ve tracked down your former GRE scores. It can take some time to get an original copy of your old GRE scores. If you realize you don’t have an original copy of your GRE scores and are considering returning to school or know that an employer may ask for them, begin the process to retrieve your scores early.

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