Obtaining your college transcripts online can be convenient as clicking into the Internet, depending on the policies and technological capacity of the educational institution. The one drawback is that the transcripts you download won't be official, so may not meet the application requirements of employers or other colleges.

Getting College Transcripts Online

Go to your college's homepage.

Access the "Current Students" or "Prior Students" section. Generally, you will be prompted to enter your college username, password, ID or some other kind of identifying information. If you were a student long ago, the college may not have uploaded your transcripts online, and you may need to call the Registrar's Office to have them sent to you.

After you have accessed your personal information, look for a section called something like "Student Records." Click on that.

Look for "Transcripts." Generally, you can print out copies of your transcripts. However, this will be an unofficial version, which may not satisfy a potential employer or another school. An official copy needs to be stamped by the college's Registrar. Make sure you read the guidelines if you are submitting these transcripts as part of an application.


If you cannot find/remember your student identification information, give the Registrar's office a call.

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