It can be difficult to keep track of all of the numbers and ID information that comes with taking tests and applying to college. If you have lost your GRE registration number, then you are in luck. There are a number of ways to retrieve this important piece of information without slowing down your college or job application.

What Is a GRE Number?

A GRE registration number is a seven-digit number that allows the official testing service, ETS, to distinguish you from other test takers. This number ensures that the correct test scores are sent to the right requesters. Any school you apply to may also want to use the GRE number to verify your test scores.

When There Is More Than One GRE Number

You are given your GRE registration number after you have created an account for the GRE or the GRE Subject Test.

If you take the GRE more than once, each test will have its own registration number. Also, if you take the General GRE test and then take a GRE Subject Test, each of those tests will have different registration numbers.

Some people get the registration confirmation number confused with their GRE number. The GRE registration confirmation number is much longer than seven digits, so that is your first clue that you have the incorrect ID information.

What Is ETS?

The GRE registration code is also often referred to as the ETS registration code. The private, nonprofit organization ETS is focused on educational measurement and research. This is typically completed through testing.

Every year, ETS administers more than 50 million admissions and achievement tests around the world. That's a lot of people and scores to take care of.

From the GRE to the Praxis assessments and more, ETS tracks a student’s scores to ensure that the right test scores are attached to the right individual.

GRE Registration Code

While the login ID and confirmation number that you get when you register for the GRE are often used, the GRE registration number still holds some importance.

  • The GRE registration isn’t needed to be remembered to take the exam or access your scores.
  • Some schools or grad programs may require your GRE registration number. They do this in order to verify your scores. It’s less common than it used to be to have this request due to the speed with which test scores are electronically produced for schools to peruse.
  • If you report your own GRE scores to the school you are applying to, then they may require that you send along your GRE registration number because the scores did not come from an official testing center.
  • If you need to contact ETS and don’t have your login information or need to change your password, the copay may ask for your registration number to make sure it’s the test taker who is asking for the information.

  • If you need to reinstate your GRE Scores after cancelling them, the GRE registration number makes it easy. The cost to reinstate your scores is typically $50.

How to Get Your GRE Score

There are a few ways to find your GRE registration number fairly quickly and easily.

After you registered for the GRE, you should have received an email. This will include a lot of important information so hang on to it, print it out and file it or copy it to your desktop. The GRE registration number is located within the email.

If you have already taken the test, you will receive a score report within a few weeks of the date that the exam was completed. This will have your test scores as well as your registration number.

Finally, you can directly contact ETS to retrieve your registration number. Make sure to have all necessary information in order to prove your identity. Have the date of the GRE exam that you are looking to retrieve.

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