The General Educational Development (GED) tests are a series of exams covering five content areas. If you pass all of these exams, you can receive a GED certificate in lieu of a high school diploma. If you are well-prepared and ready to take the exam, it’s time to complete an application, find an official testing site and take that test.


One of the most convenient ways to find an application and register is by directly contacting your state’s test administrator. The GED Testing Service is connected with the official GED creators, American Council on Education and Pearson VUE. The GED Testing Service website has official contact information and links for each state. That website also offers a test-center locator to help you connect with the nearest testing site.

Phone Book

Your local phone book can help point you in the right direction. Look for a listing for an official GED Testing Center, which is usually operated by a local school board, adult education center or community college. When you find a listing, you can call them for further directions on where exactly to pick up your application in your area.

In Person

You can go into your local high school or community college to ask whether they have a GED application. Simply fill out all the information and mail the completed application to the address provided on the application or bring it to that location in person. If for some reason they do not have one on hand, they can most likely point you in the right direction. When asking for the address of a local testing site, make sure it is the physical address, not the mailing address -- you want to go to the building, not the mailbox.

What You’ll Need

When you obtain your application, you’ll need to provide some vital pieces of information. Be sure to write your formal name, not a nickname, because your official name and ID must match up to GED Testing Service's records in order for you to take the test. You must know your social security number and enter it correctly. Your birth date and phone number must also match up. Double-check to ensure that your mailing address is also complete and accurate.

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