The General Educational Development, or GED, test is taken and passed by over 450,000 students each year. After the test is over, students need to ensure their score transcripts get to the right place. Knowing the transcript process and how it works is an important step to finishing with the GED test.

Score Sheet

Once a student has finished the GED test, he should receive a score sheet within 24 to 48 hours, depending on which GED test was taken -- the paper and pencil test, or the computer test. The writing portion of the GED test in language arts takes a bit longer to come back because the writing section is hand-scored. The score sheet has two sets of numbers, according to the GED Testing Service -- the standard score, which represents the score in a range from 200-800, and the percentile rank. In most states, the minimum required score to pass the GED test is at least 410 on each subtest and total score of 2250. Students should check with their states to determine the minimum passing score.

US Testing Centers

Students who took the GED test at a local testing center in the United States can contact their testing center directly by phone or by mail. The list of testing centers can be found at the GED Testing Services website. However, there are some exceptions, according to the GED Testing Service. Students who took the test in California, Connecticut, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Newfoundland, New Jersey, Oregon, Saskatchewan, South Dakota, Utah, Virgini, or Wyoming will need to contact the GED Testing Center directly at 1-877-EXAM-GED (392-6433) to request a transcript. Students who tested in Kansas can log onto to order transcript copies.

Foreign Testing Centers

According to the GED Testing Service, if the student took the test in a country other than the United States, he will need to request his transcript from There are two exceptions to this rule. Military personnel or dependents who tested while in the military have a different set of rules for transcripts. Also, students who took the GED test in Canada do not need to use, according to the GED Testing Service. They may instead contact their local testing center by phone or mail.

Military Bases

Students who took the GED test while on active duty military, or a dependent, whether stationed in the United States or overseas, need to check the GED Testing Services website on the Request a Transcript Page. There are specific forms and addresses that transcript requests need to go to, depending on what branch of the military, years served, and where the test was taken. In some cases, the GED transcript is located on the same base where the test was taken, but that is not always the case, especially if the test was taken a long time ago.

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