Florida's Hillsborough County's public school system can provide students, who belong to the district, with their high school transcripts upon request. High school transcripts are necessary when a soon-to-be graduate is beginning the college application process. Electronic transcripts are available through the county's website. These electronically submitted transcripts are only accepted by a small handful of schools; for most schools, mailed in copies of the transcripts are required.

Go to the Public Development office, located at 2920 North 40th Street, Tampa, Florida, 33605. Bring a picture ID and payment for the documents. Transcripts are $2.00 each, and they do not accept check.

Request a form to obtain your high school transcript. If you would like an electronic transcript request form, you need to fill out the blue form.

Fill out the form with all required information.

Turn in the request form, along with the processing fee for each transcript.

Wait 72 hours before returning to the office to pick-up your transcripts.

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