Kennedy Western University was also referred to as Warren National University; unfortunately, the college closed its doors in 2009. Former Kennedy Western students are still able to obtain copies of transcripts from the school despite its closure. Preston University offered to house all Kennedy Western University transcripts for alumni at the office of the registrar. To receive a copy of your Kennedy Western transcripts you must contact Preston University’s registrar.

Step 1

Go to the office of the registrar at Preston University during school hours – hours vary based on the semester and time of year. If you cannot go to the registrar’s office you can send an e-mail request to the registrar for your transcripts to

Step 2

Tell the registrar that you are a former Kennedy Western University Alumni and wish to obtain a copy of your transcripts.

Step 3

Provide the registrar with your name, your Social Security Number and your contact information. Give the registrar an address to which you want your transcripts mailed and the registrar will mail your transcripts on your behalf.

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