A transcript is a detailed listing of all the courses you took at a particular school, as well as your grades. If you withdrew or dropped a course, that information is also shown. When you transfer to another school or enter graduate school, admissions offices often want to see your transcript. Some employers may also request a transcript. The exact method of requesting your official transcript will vary, depending on the school that you attended.

Step 1

Call the registrar’s office at the college you attended or go to its website. If you want your high school transcript, contact the guidance department.

Step 2

Ask the registrar’s office or guidance department how to get an official transcript. Every school has different requirements. In many cases, you may request it online. Otherwise, you may have to request it in person or by mail. When you contact the office, ask how much the transcript will cost and how the office accepts payment.

Step 3

Go to the website of your school's registrar office and enter your log-in name and password to request an official transcript online. Fill out the request form. Provide the address where you would like the transcript to be sent. Pay the fee with a credit or debit card and submit the form.

Step 4

Print out the transcript-request form from the registrar’s website if you would prefer to mail your request. Fill out the information and include the fee before mailing it.

Step 5

Go to the registrar’s office in person if you don't want to fill out the form online or mail it in. Bring the fee and, if you are having the transcript mailed to someone else (such as an employer or other school), bring the address.

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