The General Education Development (GED) test is the equivalent of a high school diploma. The GED certificate program is available for anyone to take who didn't complete high school. There are more than 2,800 authorized GED testing centers around the world according to the American Council on Education. In order to earn a GED certificate, you are required to successfully pass the five part test. Each section is worth 800 points and a passing test score is at least 500 out of the 800 in each section. The GED is awarded by the testing center and multiple copies can be obtained for college applications or employment.

Locate the information of the GED testing center where the original GED certificate was issued. Requests to receive a copy of a GED are not accepted over the phone or via email. A written request must be submitted.

Contact the GED testing center to obtain a GED request form, additional information on what is required to get the copy and whether a fee is charged. A website is often available and will have the necessary documents to complete the request. GED request forms are somewhat standard and can sometimes be used universally regardless of the institution.

Download and fill out the request form with accurate contact information as well as information on the year the test was taken and location information of the testing center where the original GED was issued. The form must be signed by the student in order for the form to be processed.

Choose a method of payment to pay the fee. The standard form of payment is a money order or credit card. Cash is not accepted and many centers don't accept personal checks.

Mail the GED request form and payment to the testing center location with a self-addressed stamped envelope. A request for a transcript requires a business size envelope and First Class postage. A diploma request should include a 10x13 envelope and appropriate postage.

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