Test-takers sometimes spend months preparing for the GED, and losing your scores can be frustrating if you need them for a new job or educational application. Lost scores aren't a crisis, though, and you can easily get your GED scores again by filling out a few forms or making a phone call.

Step 1

Search for your local GED testing center using the GED Testing Service's web search application. Then call or write your testing center using the phone number or address listed. If you need your scores immediately, you might need to pay a fee for expedited scores.

Step 2

Complete a transcript request form from GED Testing Service if you are an international test-taker. The fee for a transcript is $14 as of 2014, and it must be paid via money order, Visa or MasterCard. You can also request to have your scores directly sent to a particular state's Department of Education if you're planning to move there. And, you can send your scores to an educational institution. It can take several weeks for international students to receive their scores.

Step 3

Complete a transcript request form from GED Testing Service if you are in the military, are in a correctional institution or took the test in a military or correctional facility. You'll have to provide specific information about where and when you took the test, because test results are stored in different locations.


If you have trouble keeping track of your scores, consider scanning a copy of your scores and storing them on your computer or cell phone. A copy and print store may be able to do this for you.

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