There are many reasons a person or institution may ask for proof of someone’s high school diploma. If yours is being requested, or if you're in a position to verify if a client, potential employee or another person has a high school diploma, there are a few ways that it can be proved. A little legwork and a few quick clicks can get you the vital information with the least amount of effort.

Ways to Get Proof of Diploma

You can find proof of a high school diploma online after a few quick strokes of the keys. If you want to go old school, and still live in the area where the high school is located, call the registrar’s or principal’s office. They can often print out a certified copy and have it waiting for you fresh and warm at the front office. If it’s been more than 10 years, you may need to go to the county district department to verify your graduation confirmation.

Why a Copy is Requested

It isn’t another hoop that an employer or institution is asking you to jump through. A request for a high school diploma is a simple way to confirm that you have a certain set of knowledge and skills that they require. Achieving a high school diploma shows a potential employer or admissions office that you pushed through to earn a degree, no matter the GPA that you left with, and are capable of stepping into a role with their company or school without much difficulty. Make sure that if you have an adult high school diploma it's sufficient for the position you're applying for or completes the admission requirements.

Copy of a High School Diploma

Often, a copy of a high school diploma is sufficient for work or other proof. However, when dealing with state, federal or international entities, the original high school diploma may be asked for. This often means a paper that's certified or has the watermark of the school or institution that the person has alleged they actually graduated from. There are many ways to determine if someone has completed their high school education with the culmination of a degree. If you're asked to present a copy of your high school degree, ensure that the requester isn’t asking for a sealed copy. Many institutions or employers, particularly those that are overseas, require watermarks and other pieces of authenticity to be in place before they'll accept a copy of a high school diploma.

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