Your Bachelor of Science degree certificate is a representation of all the hard work and studying you've done throughout your years in college. Unfortunately, a B.S. degree certificate can get lost for any number of reasons. If you lose your degree certificate, it's not the end of the world. In fact, most schools will send you a copy of your degree certificate for free or a nominal fee.

Contact the college's or university's registrar office. School websites, brochures and catalogs display a contact phone number to the registrar's office.

Ask the registrar what the procedure is to request a copy of your Bachelor of Science degree certificate. Fill out a certificate replacement form, which includes basic information, such as address and Social Security number, and the reason for issuing a replacement. Most schools will issue a "student copy" and will not issue certified copies of a degree certificate unless the original is lost. Colleges and universities may require a notarized document that states the original degree certificate is lost. Most schools, for a nominal fee, issue a certified copy of your degree certificate for employment or graduate school purposes.

Mail the replacement degree certificate request form and any required fees to the school's registrar office.

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