Since 9/11, companies and organizations have grown more security-minded, prompting more job opportunities for those with education in law enforcement, emergency management and safety -- the very qualities students learn when obtaining a degree in homeland security. Online schools offer students the opportunity to achieve such degrees with the convenience of learning from home.

Laramie County Community College

A two-year associate's degree in homeland security is a good start to such a career. Community colleges like Laramie County Community College allow students to enter an entirely online program in homeland security. This degree includes general education requirements in areas such as composition, communications, statistics, science, algebra, humanities and history. Other courses teach security issues with titles such as "School Safety and Homeland Security," "Terrorism and Counterterrorism" and "Homeland Security and Law Enforcement."


Schools such as Capella University offer a bachelor's degree online in homeland security. Capella accepts transfer credits from other schools as well as some life experience as college credit. Coursework in this four-year degree includes more in-depth study of issues such as domestic and international security, diplomacy, technology and terrorism. Course titles include "Introduction to Criminal Law," "History of Violence in U.S. Society," "Technology and Homeland Security" and "Multijurisdictional Approaches to Investigations."

Penn State

If you are looking for an advanced program, Penn State offers an online master's degree in homeland security. Even if your undergraduate program did not involve security or criminal justice, you can apply to Penn State's program. Students tailor their programs toward security and forensics, public health preparedness, geospatial intelligence or agricultural biosecurity and food defense. Since students may not have security or law enforcement backgrounds, courses include general homeland security, legal and terrorism information as well as more specialized work. Titles include "Disaster Communication" and "The Politics of Terrorism," for instance.

University of Central Florida

For those wanting graduate-level education in homeland security without the actual degree, some schools such as the University of Central Florida offer certificates online. These programs offer general homeland security and antiterrorism, communications and emergency management classes. UCF students then choose electives to specialize their certification in either planning, with courses like "Regional Planning, Design and Development" and "Crisis Public Relations" or management and policy with classes such as "Criminal Justice Responses to Terrorism" and "Seminar in American Security Policy." UCF also offers internships within these certification programs.

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