A GED certificate verifies successful completion of the General Educational Development Test. Passing the GED test certifies that you demonstrated academic skills equivalent to a high school graduate. While you cannot take the test online, you may take online preparatory classes.


GED candidates must be age 16 or older without a high school diploma. Candidates cannot currently be in high school. State laws may require additional educational or residential requirements.


Prior to testing, you will take a pretest to determine your academic strengths and weaknesses. Depending on state requirements and your pretest results, you may need to take preparatory classes. Some secondary schools now offer study material and coursework online.


GED testing must be in person at an official GED Testing Center. Accredited testing centers are available at community colleges or their annexes throughout the United States.


The American Council on Education (ACE) warns consumers against companies offering online GED testing and certification. Diplomas and certificates offered through online GED testing are either fraudulent or for novelty purposes only.

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