Although there are many online GED-preparation resources for Michigan residents, to earn a state-recognized GED, individual must take the GED exam at an approved testing center. In general, the GED tests people on general educational information expected of all graduates from any of the public schools in the state, including basic math, reading, and writing. After people meet specific criteria, they must gather information about how to sign up to take Michigan's GED, study hard for the test, and find appropriate testing facilities.

Determine eligibility for obtaining a GED online in Michigan. People who wish to earn a GED must be 16 years of age or older and have not pursued traditional education for at least one calendar year prior to seeking the GED, unless they can prove that it is in their best interest to get a GED rather than a high-school diploma.

Contact local testing centers to find out the application process and state GED guidelines. Testing centers' application procedures and prices are not uniform, so to get a GED online in Michigan, people should contact specific testing locatios. Testing center locations and contact information can be found at

Study for GED online examination. Various methods to independently study for getting a GED online in Michigan include using study materials at the local library, using online study guides, taking test-prep classes offered in the local community, or taking classes via accredited distance-learning programs. Such programs will break down the different sections of the test into digestible portions to help people gain confidence before taking the GED exam.

Schedule examination. Even if people are obtaining their Michigan GED using a distance-learning course, many still require students to take their final examination at an approved testing site under the supervision of a proctor. As soon as a person feels confident in the information presented, they could schedule their test to get their GED.


According to the American Council on Education, it is not possible to earn a GED online or via correspondence programs. Read ACE's official warning by clicking on the link below under "Additional Resources."

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