Certification is required for employees of government agencies, including law enforcement who are required to access the Florida Crime Information Center and the National Crime Information Center databases.


NCIC and FCIC are online databases providing information regarding crimes and criminals. In Florida, certification in NCIC and FCIC is accompanied by certification in Crime Justice Information Services, a Florida statewide intranet database designed to connect law enforcement agencies.


NCIC certification is obtained following the successful completion of a two-day course available to representatives of law enforcement agencies at no cost. Holders of NCIC certification must recertify every two years.

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NCIC FCIC certification is a requirement of all employees of agencies within Florida that have unsupervised access to the NCIC and FCIC databases. Employees of the State of Florida must obtain NCIC FCIC certification within the first six months of employment or assignment to a position providing access to the databases.

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