If you find a wallet sitting on a shelf at a store or while walking around your neighborhood, you should try to find the owner as soon as possible. The United States Postal Service will return wallets that are found to the owner. This service is free of charge and the safest way to assure the wallet finds its way to the owner. Keep in mind when returning a wallet this way, you must use blue post office boxes that people cannot reach into and grab the wallet.

Check inside the wallet for identification containing an address. This includes a drivers license, passport or identification card.

Wrap the contents with a rubber band or in a plastic sandwich bag if the contents are loose. This will assure all the items in the wallet are returned with the wallet.

Place the wallet in a post office box on the corner of a street, in front of a government building or at the post office. The USPS will deliver the wallet to the address listed on the ID.

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