Whether you are sending just one postcard from your tropical vacation or a mass mailing to all of the members of your nonprofit's donor list, addressing postcards for the U.S. Postal Service requires a few simple steps to ensure they arrive at the right location on time.

Addressing Postcards for the U.S. Postal Service

Leave at least a 1/4-inch margin around all edges. The bottom 5/8 of the postcard must also be left blank for bar-coding.

Write clearly or use a clean mail-merge document and position the address on the right side of the postcard. It should be a minimum of 3-1/2 by 2-1/8 inches tall. Only the mailing address should be located in this area of the postcard.

Use nine-digit zip codes whenever possible. This includes the standard five-digit zip code followed by a dash and a four-digit extension, which makes it easier for the postal service to determine the specific delivery location.

Finally, leave another empty white area of 1-1/2 by 1-1/4 inches in the upper right corner for a permit or a stamp.


Take the time to carefully set up and address your postcard to ensure delivery.

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