The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers a variety of services to ensure safe and secure delivery of your packages, letters and documents. Customers can select a method tailored to the size and value of the package or document. For items such as checks or important legal documents, customers have three basic services, with other options available to ensure secure delivery. For checks, Certified Mail with Return Receipt provides sufficient security and is the most cost effective.

Seal the check in a standard envelope.
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Seal the check in a standard envelope and take it to the post office.

Fill out PS Form 3800.
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Fill out a Certified Mail form (PS Form 3800). In the "Sent to" section, write the name and address of the party to whom you are sending the check. Leave the rest of the form blank.

Fill out PS Form 3811.
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Fill out a Domestic Return Receipt (PS Form 3811), printing the address to which you want the return receipt sent. This will most likely be your business or residence.

Certified mail costs a little more than a simple letter.
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The cost of these services will be tallied at the counter. At 2009 price, a simple letter costs $0.44 for postage, $2.80 for Certified Mail and $2.30 for Return Receipt. If you choose an electronic Return Receipt, the price for that service is only $1.10.

Hang on to your Certified Mail Receipt.
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Hang onto your Certified Mail Receipt so you can track delivery on To do so, enter the barcode number on your receipt in the appropriate box on the website. Whoever receives the check will sign for it and you will receive the signature card in the mail within a few days.

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