As a subscriber to Verizon FiOS, you can create up to eight email addresses and link them to your account, so everyone in your household has access to the Verizon email service. You can add, remove or manage the settings for any address associated with your account via the My Verizon Web portal. Remember to choose a password that is hard to guess to prevent unauthorized access to the inboxes of the email addresses you are creating.

Step 1

Go to My Verizon (link in Resources), and then log in to the service using your Verizon username and password.

Step 2

Click "Create new Sub-Account" in the Sub-Accounts section of the page.

Step 3

Enter a username for the email account you are creating.

Step 4

Choose a password that's between six and 20 characters long for the account.

Step 5

Select a security question and choose an answer for it. You can use the answer to reset the password for the account in case you lose access to it.

Step 6

Select "On" next to "Verizon online email" to allow the account's owner to access her communications through the online email portal.

Step 7

Click "Create Sub-Account" to save your preferences and create a new email address.

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