Often times, we need to send mail to Japan to our loved ones or for business purposes. Rates differ based on the type of package, weight, and the service you would like to use. You can save money by purchasing and printing the postage online, rather than going to the Post Office. This option will also save you time as you can conveniently access the U..S. Post Office website anytime and from anywhere. Learn how to easily calculate how much postage would cost for mailing contents to Japan following the simple steps below.

Go to the US Postal Service website in the Resources section.

Select "Japan" in the Select a Destination menu.

Choose the appropriate shape: Postcard, Letter, Large Envelope, or Package.

Enter the weight in pounds and ounces and click on the "Continue" button.

Lookup the post office price and the online price for the service you would like. The online price is cheaper than the post office price.

For example, a 1 pound package to Japan costs $31.50 in Express International mail if you purchase the postage at the Post Office. If you purchase it online, it's $28.98.

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