If you've ever taken a test in the United States, you most likely have seen a Scantron form, also known as bubble sheets, which is strip of machine-readable paper developed and manufactured by the Scantron company for multiple choice tests.

However, if you are not familiar with standardized testing or have not taken tests in the U.S., then the small piece of paper with scattered bubbles on them may look foreign to you. The following step-by-step article will help you learn how to properly use a Scantron form.

How do I fill out a Scantron form?

1. Write your name

Write your name on the bottom right-hand side. You will need to include the date, subject and test number. This is how most standard Scantron forms will look, and these are typically used for tests or quizzes as an answer key for test scoring.

Continue to Step 2 if you have a larger Scantron test that requires you to write in your name and fill in the bubbles.

2. Use the provided boxes

Write you last name, first and middle initial in the provided boxes. Below the boxes, fill in the appropriate letter for each letter in your name. Completely fill in the bubbles with your pencil.

Depending on the type of test you are taking such as a student test, enrollment exam, or civil service exam, additional information may be required. These may or may not include a student ID number, Social Security number or date of birth. Make sure all of the appropriate information and corresponding bubbles are filled in.

3. Start filling out answers

Start filling out your correct answers on the Scantron answer sheet. You will be given a test that you will most likely not write on. You will need to make sure each question of the test corresponds with the correct numbers you fill out on your Scantron form.

4. A for True or B for False

Fill in either A for "true" or B for "False" if you are given true or false questions on the multiple choice test. The letters T and F should be shown above the letters you need to fill in before the first answer.

5. Review your filled out form

Make sure you have completely filled in each correct answer to the test on the Scantron form and that the questions on the test match up with the answers on the Scantron form. If you erased any markings, make sure that it is completely erased so that it is not picked up by the Scantron machine. You have now successfully used a Scantron form, and you're ready to turn in your test.

Your Scantron score will be the number of correct answers you get out of the total number of questions on the test, depending on how your test coordinator uses the assessment. This will be your raw score.

Things to Bring

  1. 2 pencil

  2. eraser


  • Always have a sharpened #2 pencil.
  • Completely fill in the circles.
  • Know your student id number.
  • Ask the test coordinator if you are able to write on the test version.
  • If you're not sure about information the Scantron asks for, ask the person leading the tests what you're supposed to write.
  • Make sure no marks are left after erasing.
  • Don't make too dark or heavy a mark that it wears the paper down and makes it pop up.

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