The SAT is a standardized test created to asses the academic skill level of students with a high school level education. It is often used as an important part of the higher education admissions process, and students can benefit from taking the test more than once and using their highest scores. Receipts for testing are important if you need to prove that you have paid to take a test, locate old test scores, or provide them as components of a higher education admissions packet. When you must submit your application to meet a deadline but have yet to receive your scores, the receipt shows that you attending testing and that your results are on the way.

Navigate to the SAT testing website. Click on the "Scores" tab, listed in the top menu bar. Scroll down and click on "Online Score Report".

Login using your username and password. Have your previous test registration information ready. Follow the on screen prompts to create and/or update your account information.

Scroll down on the main screen that appears after you are prompted to finalize your updated personal information. If you have recently updated it, this may be the first screen you see. Look for the second and third headers titled "My Registrations" and "My Scores".

Click on my registrations. Open and print each listed registration to serve as your receipt. Click the back button on your browser to re-enter the main screen.

Click on "My Scores". Open each finished testing session so that the date, test type, and your personal information is visible on the screen. Print the page, or copies of each score summary. Use these as receipts if you no longer have your original registration information. Because the SAT uses standardized pricing, the cost of each listed test is available on the SAT website.

Call the SAT customer service number, which is (866) 756-7346 as of 2011. Be sure to contact them during standard business hours, available on the SAT website. In the absence of your receipt, or admissions ticket, they will require your social security number, your birth date, a credit card number and the card's expiration date. There can be a fee for processing requests over the phone.

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