Your grade point average, or GPA, is an average of all grades you receive while attending college. A low GPA can affect your ability to get into the graduate school of your choice or land a successful job out of college. However, you can do several things to raise your low GPA.

Repeat a Course

If you receive a poor grade in a course, could repeat the course. You should do better the next time if you review the information, and a high grade helps to raise your cumulative GPA. Many universities, such as the University of Utah, will replace your new, higher grade with the old one. For example, if you receive a "D" the first time you take the course, but you earn a "B" the second time, the lower grade is removed from your transcript and replaced by the higher grade. However, if the course isn't required as part of your major or if you feel as though your grade won't improve, don't repeat the course.

Enroll in Your Strong Subjects

Enroll in the subjects that you do well in to raise your GPA. While this may not always work according to your major, you often have some flexibility when choosing which general education courses to take. According to the University of Utah, choosing inappropriate classes is one reason students have trouble in classes. For example, if learning a foreign language is a struggle for you, don't try to master a difficult language. Instead, choose a diverse class list that includes a variety of subjects. In addition, if you have to take a difficult class, see if you can take the class pass or fail to maintain your GPA.


Finding additional time to study can help to improve your GPA. If you have tried studying alone in the past, try joining a study group. A study group is beneficial because it allows you to discuss the course’s subject matter with fellow students. However, if you need more one-on-one attention, hire a tutor. Tutors don't have to be expensive and you may find one who is willing to help you with your class in exchange for help in another subject.

Attend Summer School

If your college offers summer school classes, sign up. Taking a few summer school classes allows you to focus your attention on only one or two subjects at a time. In addition, if you take a summer school class, you may not need to take a full load in the fall. This scheduling approach gives you more opportunity to study for your other courses.

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