The GPA, or grade point average, is important in high school and college, where the overall number is a reflection of the student's academic abilities. A weighted grade point average includes elective courses such as gym and art classes. Unweighted grade point averages include only core classes such as English, math, history and science. High school students need to improve the unweighted grade point average for college applications. College students need to improve the unweighted grade point average to improve their overall college records for transfers and graduate study.

Attend the core classes. Teachers and professors will interpret consistent attendance as an attempt to succeed. Proceeding with the following steps will be easier when classroom presence is maintained.

Create a semester that concentrates on one or two core classes. Limiting core classes will help you focus on a few subjects individually rather than attempting to struggle through many courses. The core course grades will be improved when more concentration is given to individual classes. Fill the rest of the semester with electives or easier classes.

Repeat core courses with low grades. Courses with letter grades as high as "C" or "B" can be repeated to receive a higher grade. The overall unweighted grade point average will be higher when these grades are improved and replaced through a repeat course.

Speak to the professor or teacher in the core courses. During the conversation, ask for extra credit projects or methods to raise grades.

Hire or request a tutor for the core classes. The tutor will improve the unweighted grade point average through helping you understand concepts and homework. The school library or counseling office will have information on tutoring services.

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