Many students find college courses to be challenging and may fail a course during their time in school. If you fail a course, it is unlikely that you can simply have the class removed from your transcript. However, if your school has a “delete repeat” option, you may be able to replace the F with a new grade.

Review Your Coursework

Review all coursework and tests to ensure they have been graded properly. Ask your teacher to review your grades as well, as he may also re-evaluate test scores to see if he or a teaching assistant mis-graded your work. If you find that he has made a mistake on a final test after grades have been submitted, ask that he submit a correction to have the F removed from your transcript.

Retake The Course

Register to take the class again. If you did not find a mistake on a final exam or assignment grade, there is little you can do to remove a grade from your transcript. Some schools will allow you to retake a course for a better grade and will delete the F from your transcript entirely. Others will allow you to re-take the class for a higher grade but will keep the F on your transcript, though will not calculate it into your GPA. If you find that the professor’s teaching style contributed to your lack of understanding of course material or you did not agree with his grading style, take the course with a different professor.

Choose A New Strategy

Plan a different strategy for the next course. If you failed a course once, it is likely you will need to do something differently the next time you take it. Perhaps you need to do more reading, attend more classes, or do more of the homework. One thing you can do is form a study group with your classmates or take advantage of free tutoring offered by your university to improve your grade. No matter what, you will need to work harder and more deliberately if you are going to get a higher grade in a course.

Review Your Transcripts Again

Review your transcripts. After you have re-taken a course, check that the F is no longer present on your transcripts or that the school has noted that you re-took the course next to the F. If not, consult someone who works in the school registrar’s office.


Always talk to your professor before the end of a semester or quarter. Often, a professor will allow you to re-do assignments or turn in missing work to boost your grade. No matter the reason you are failing the class, it is critical to speak with the professor about your options before the conclusion of the class.

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