Pulling up your grades within two weeks requires changing your study habits and making a concerted effort to improve. Let your teacher know that you're making an effort to do better and ask for her help. Follow the teacher's suggestions; attend extra help and test review classes after school; ask a friend or classmate to tutor you; and go for extra credits where you can.

Make an appointment to meet your teacher after school or during a study hall break. Discuss the difficulties you are experiencing in class. Let her know that you're interested in improving your grade within two weeks and get her advice on how to accomplish the task. Ask if you can retake quizzes or tests where you did poorly and whether you can redo homework, papers or projects that you failed or didn't complete.

Pose a pre-written plan to your teacher that outlines the ways that you could improve your scores. Add dates that you can adhere to for studying and retaking quizzes or tests and finishing incomplete homework or projects. Ask the teacher to assign you extra credit work that you can hand in at the end of the semester.

Participate in class by taking notes, making eye contact with your teacher, raising your hand to answer questions and offer your input. Show the teacher that you are making a conscious effort to raise your grade.

Change your study habits. Attend teacher-organized study or test review groups and peer tutoring sessions. Study in a quiet environment such as a library to avoid interruptions and distractions.

Organize your notes, review sheets, books and past assignments so that you can use them to study efficiently. Use your lunch break, study hall and free time throughout the two weeks to understand the information pertaining to the course and for upcoming exams.

Hand in your homework, projects, papers and extra credit work before the deadline to ensure that you receive your credits.

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