Getting good grades in high school increases your chances of graduating on time, getting into a good college and attaining a scholarship. Some students have a tendency to slack off at the end of their high school years, but many seniors understand the impact that a strong academic finish can have on their lives after high school. Raising your GPA is one the best ways to increase college admissions decisions if you still have plenty of time to apply to the colleges or vocational schools you are considering.

Don't Skip class

Never miss class unless you are seriously ill. Excessive absences affect your attendance grade, cause you to miss important information and can impact your relationship with your teacher. Be on time and prepared for class each day. Make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep each night, which will help you get to class on time and pay attention. Sleep deprivation affects concentration and academic performance.

Join Study Groups

Befriend serious-minded students. Interact with those who come to class daily, contribute to classroom discussions and complete their work in a timely manner. Exchange telephone numbers and email addresses with them and contact them often to plan homework and organize study sessions. You may discover that you can have fun and still get your grades up by meeting regularly with your study buddies.

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Talk to Your Teachers

Consult your teachers regularly. Teachers show interest in students who are serious about earning good grades. Ask for clarification of any material you do not understand. Stay after class occasionally to discuss your progress with your teachers. Set goals for realistically increasing your GPA. Remember that GPA is calculated by dividing total grade points by the sum of credits you took. For example if you want to maintain a B average, but you think the best you can do is a C in math, then try extra hard for an A in a class your enjoy, assuming all courses carry the same number of credit hours. You can also use a free online high school GPA calculator to set goals.

Prioritize Your Studies

Limit socialization during the school week if you are seriously want to get your grades up. Decrease the hours that you spend chatting on the Internet, talking on your cell phone and text messaging your friends. Use this time to review classroom notes, study for exams and complete extra credit assignments. Purchase a planner to keep track of all of your grades and assignments. This helps you to stay organized and decreases your likelihood of missing tasks and deadlines.

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