The Accuplacer test is given by many colleges and universities in the U.S. It is used to assess a student's current skills before he is enrolled in a math or English class. Students who do poorly on the Accuplacer test may need to take remedial math courses first to acquire the skills they need for higher level math courses. As a student you can learn what math courses you qualify for by checking your Accuplacer scores.

Contact your adviser. Determine if he can look up your Accuplacer score for you via the internal database that manages student records. Accuplacer scores are often input into the database, so advisers easily can see what classes they need to enroll students in based on how they scored on placement exams. Know that your professor may not be able to print you a copy of your Accuplacer score, but he can verbally inform you of the score you received.

Check your student account. Many colleges now offer online accounts for students where they can see their grades, class schedule, contact information, unofficial transcript and more. Accuplacer scores and other placement exam results are often input into your student account making it easy for you to check your Accuplacer score at your convenience.

Fill out a written request. Visit the office of the registrar on your campus, and complete the score report request form. This allows the university to release a copy of your scores on placement exams to you since you made the request in writing. Some colleges may require an administrative fee to obtain a copy of your Accuplacer score.

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