Your college transcript is an official and permanent record of all the classes you took while enrolled, the grades you achieved in each class and your overall grade point average. Many colleges do not remove courses from transcripts unless they have a compelling reason to do so. The rules for doing so vary by college, and your best bet is to contact the office of the registrar at your school. If you are unable to remove the course, you may be able to improve your grade and improve your average.

Petition the registrar to remove the course. Your college should have a formal process where you either fill out a form, or submit a written request complete with the name of the course and the reason for your request. If you have a compelling reason, such as a medical excuse, for failing the class, the registrar may remove it from your transcript.

Consult with the course instructor or professor. You may be able to plead your case for a higher grade or the instructor may allow you to retake the final or turn in extra coursework.

Retake the class in question. Depending on your school’s policies, the registrar may remove the original course and grade and replace it with the new grade.

Transfer to another school. When you transfer, some credits may carry over while others don’t. You may be able to request that the new school not include the course in question on your new transcript. Then, upon graduation, use that transcript for your official records. Consult with your academic advisor, at your new school, to determine if you will need to take that course, or an equivalent, for your degree.


A college will rarely remove a course without a valid reason. Unfortunately, embarrassment about a specific course or grade is not considered a compelling enough reason to remove the course.

Some colleges may offer an academic fresh start program where students can start over with a clean slate. This process may reset the student’s grades but may not remove the original courses from the transcript.

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