A GED is a type of certificate that acknowledges that an individual has passed out of high school, typically through taking a test. GED testing is different for each state, so it is important to know your state's procedure for taking and passing the GED. In Connecticut, the state perspective on the GED is that passage of the test earns the test-taker a Connecticut high-school diploma, effectively passing her from high school. This diploma can be issued only once, but there are other ways of receiving official confirmation of passage of the GED.

Make a copy of your official GED diploma. The GED diploma is a one-time-only issued document from the state of Connecticut. The best way to obtain a copy of this document is to have it copied, faxed, or scanned.

Request an official transcript. The state of Connecticut will issue upon request a state-sealed transcript verifying the date of diploma issuance, test scores and its individual number. There is no fee for this service. Download a transcript request form at the Connecticut State Dept. of Education website, listed in resources.

Verify your GED diploma by sending a release of information form to the relevant office, in this case the Connecticut GED office at:

25 Industrial Park Road

Middletown, CT 06457

or fax to (860) 807-2112

This will allow a release of information verifying your graduation from high school in the state of Connecticut with a diploma. All that is needed in this case is a printed document making permissible the release of information to a specific person or institution with a wet signature from the individual taker of the GED.

Wait to receive a copy of your GED transcript at the address you provide on your transcript request form. This is a sealed state document. When it is unsealed it is no longer official, so do not open your transcript if it is meant to go to another institution in its official state.

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